10 Surefire Ways to Get Money from Tiktok

Tiktok is known as an application or service for sharing videos. But did you know that there is actually a good way to get money from Tiktok?

This means that this short video sharing service can also be used as an online money maker. The method itself is not too difficult, one of which is creating video content and sharing it with viewers.

Currently looking for money does not have to leave the house, then work to get rewarded. In today’s modern era, digital technology is increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the many money-making applications.

Only with a smartphone, you can do the same thing to get some money, even the value is quite a lot.

However, there is a way that must be done and before that you understand.

It’s no secret that Tiktok is a lucrative source of income. There are many people who are struggling in the world of creator content.

But not all of them are successful, because they don’t know how to earn money from Tiktok following!

1. Inviting Friends

One of the easiest ways and anyone can do it is to invite friends. This is a fairly old Tiktok program, even when this short video-based social media was first released.

In order to invite friends, you have to share the referral code that you got when you created the account.

Every new account must have this code, please look at the profile of each account. There is no limit where you have to share it, it can be via other social media, Whatsapp, or even the website.

But to make it easier, you can create a special link so that invited friends can more easily open the referral code that you share.

2. Watch Videos and Complete Missions

The next surefire way to get money from Tiktok is by watching videos belonging to other users.

This method is also very easy, because basically this application is used to watch videos. Every time you watch a video, you will get a number of coins later. The more videos you watch, the more coins you collect.

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But you have to know what the rules are first so you don’t misunderstand. To get 2,000 coins, you must watch at least 5 minutes of video.

Then if you manage to watch the video within 15 minutes, the coins you get can reach 7,000. These coins will later be converted into rupiah, with 10 coins equaling 1 rupiah.

3. Live Streaming to Get Gift

The main content of Tiktok is indeed for videos that are uploaded, then presented to viewers. If the way to watch the video above is not effective, you can try live streaming which is currently widely found.

The purpose of live streaming is none other than to get gifts. In this way, the audience who watched your show will send gifts.

But make sure what you present is of high quality and useful. An example is playing games, where you can provide tips and tricks on how to play the game in question.

If the audience feels satisfied and entertained, not a few of them will give prizes in the form of cash or coins which will later be converted into rupiah.

4. Promotion of Other Users’ Videos

Apart from those mentioned above, how to get money from Tiktok can also be done by promoting other users’ videos. This method is considered the easiest by some people because you don’t have to work hard to create content.

Tiktok itself provides pretty good features to support this method, namely the share feature to other social media.

You can share or promote videos to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media. But remember, to do this method there are conditions that must be met.

One of the requirements in question is to have a minimum of 25 thousand followers. The more followers you have, the more income from each video share.

5. Selling Merchandise

Recently Tiktok added a new service which is included as its main feature. The service in question is the Tiktok Shop, which you can later use to sell merchandise.

Actually, that’s not all, because any item can be sold on this newest service.

To get maximum income through this method of getting money from Tiktok, initially you have to do live streaming first. As much as possible the goods sold are of high quality, as well as the low prices.

This is because there are many competitors that you will definitely encounter in other online stores, for example Shopee or Lazada.

6. Become a Content Creator

It cannot be denied that the most effective way to get money from Tiktok is to become a content creator. For those who don’t know, content creators are those who create content and then share or upload it on Tiktok.

The type of content varies, depending on the idea you get and the ability to make it.

This method is considered difficult, because there are many things you do. For example, looking for ideas, making videos, editing, and then sharing them.

But of all the methods mentioned above, this is the most likely way to get a lot of money from Tiktok. Make sure the videos you make are of high quality, useful, and also entertaining.

7. Make Ads on Tiktok Ads

Not much different from social media in general, Tiktok also has advertising services that you can use as promotional media. You can promote anything here, both in the form of services and goods.

This service is not free, the method is not as previously discussed. However, the results obtained will be quite tempting.

Of course, if you can create interesting advertising content, it includes a Call to Action element so that the audience buys what you offer. Nowadays, promotion on social media is mostly done by business people.

Not without reason, one of which is because it has a wider reach than pamphlets, brochures, or roadside billboards.

8. Become an Influencer

Influencer can be interpreted as someone who has great influence. If you have ever seen someone who has a lot of followers, you can assume that they are influencers.

Is it easy? Of course not, because you have to fight and try hard to get followers and also be trusted by many other users about the content you create.

But if you succeed in becoming an influencer, then how to get millions of rupiah from Tiktok is not impossible. How not, this profession is generally sought after by companies to promote their goods.

In general, the income of an influencer depends on the number of followers they have.

9. Selling and buying Tiktok accounts

Maybe you never thought that the next way to get money from Tiktok is to buy and sell accounts. How come, isn’t creating a Tiktok account free?

Yes, but at that time you didn’t have anything, that is in terms of followers and popularity. For online business purposes , a Tiktok account must have many followers.

It is because of this condition that many users want to buy a Tiktok account in an instant way. Instead of having to start from scratch, it’s better to buy a ready-made account and can immediately use it to monetize.

A few tips if you use this method, please create as many accounts as possible, then manage them simultaneously.

10. Open Tiktok Content Management Services

For some people, having a Tiktok account is not only for personal use. There are also those who use it for business accounts, meaning that it is used to earn online income.

For example, those who sell goods or services, of course, need the help of other people if the business is busy and has many customers.

This is where your opportunity to earn income is to become a content manager.

The task of the management in question is usually video editing, uploading, and then optimization.

If the account that you manage is used for a buying and selling business, then its job is not far from serving customers, for example recording incoming and outgoing goods.

There are still many ways to get money from Tiktok that we haven’t discussed. However, we think the list above is quite a lot and represents another way.

The point of our discussion this time is that Tiktok is still very tempting and has the potential to be used as a money-making application. If you want to be successful, the key is hard work, willingness to learn, and patience.

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