7 Unique Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance

For some people, having car insurance is non-negotiable. Especially when you just bought a new car, either in cash or on a car loan.

The existence of car insurance is believed to help reduce expenses due to damage on a mild to severe scale, insurance also provides a guarantee of protection if you experience an act of theft.

But choosing the right insurance is not an easy matter, there are many considerations that you must examine so that you don’t choose the wrong product.

Here are some tips on choosing the best vehicle insurance summarized by Suzuki Indonesia.

Choose What You Need

The first thing you need to consider when choosing insurance is knowing which one suits your needs.

Insurance benefits depend on the condition of the car itself, so check carefully the condition of your vehicle starting from the condition of the engine, body, age, and so on.

Of the many insurances and products offered, match the condition of your car and choose which one provides the best benefits for your car.

Learn the Benefits Offered

Next, of course, you need to study the various products offered by this insurance. Don’t just be tempted by cheap premiums, before agreeing to try to study the details that are usually listed in the insurance policy carefully.

This is intended to prevent you from losses and discrepancies between benefits and your needs.

Choose a Trusted Company

Currently there are lots of insurance companies from companies that you may not be familiar with before.

A new insurance institution may not necessarily have a good and trusted reputation, but before choosing insurance, even if it is provided by a well-known company, you should do a check first.

Make sure the insurance provider company you choose already has an official license. Not only that, the credibility of the company can also be assessed by the previous customer on the performance of the insurance company.

Choose Premium According to Ability

Also keep in mind, when buying an insurance product it means you have an obligation every month to pay the premium. That’s why it’s important for you not only to choose insurance according to your needs,

you also need to pay attention to the premium cost per month of the insurance you choose. Make sure these costs are within your means and do not burden your monthly operational needs.

Compare Products With Competitors

As previously stated, companies providing insurance products are now increasingly mushrooming.

The benefits and premiums offered are also very diverse. Before dropping on one choice, you should do research by comparing one insurance company with another.

Of course, every insurance company has its advantages and disadvantages. By doing a comparison so you can find out which insurance is the most profitable for you.

Ask for Recommendations From Dealers

When buying a car at an official dealer such as an official Suzuki dealer, our marketing team will certainly offer various insurance options that have become partners.

If you are unsure about the insurance to choose, you can consult our marketing and the right insurance recommendations for the vehicle. from

Check Partner Workshop

Another thing that is no less important when choosing insurance is to find out the workshop partners of the insurance provider. Make sure the insurance has workshop partners that are widespread throughout Indonesia and easy to find.

This will make it easier if at any time you have an incident such as an accident or damage to a car part and have to make repairs.

Also check the reputation of the insurance partner workshop, make sure the repair shop that receives the insurance is an official repair shop with good performance.

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