AIA Life Insurance: Types, Premiums, Benefits & How to Claim

AIA life insurance is the main choice for those who want to be financially free in the future. As the function of insurance is to protect yourself from bad possibilities that occur.

Because in the form of life insurance, it means that the form of protection you get is when you leave your beloved family forever.

Not to invite disaster, but everyone is certain to die in the end. Whether sooner or later, it will happen. Insurance helps you prepare early on the financial needs of the family left behind.

For example, when you die and are still within the term of the policy, the family gets compensation from insurance.

It’s not for yourself, but surely you don’t want to leave your family without leaving anything, right? In addition, there are many types of AIA life insurance to choose from according to your needs.

One of the best is unit linked life insurance, where there are investment benefits besides the insurance you follow.

Get to know AIA Life Insurance

AIA Life Insurance

AIA life insurance is one of the insurance products from AIA Indonesia that prioritizes customer needs. This is evident from the many types that you can choose from and also plan according to your needs.

This insurance company is quite interesting because it does not work alone, meaning it works together with several banking companies.

Until now, AIA insurance is working with Bank BCA, Bukopin, and CIMB Niaga. With this collaboration, the needs of each customer are more fulfilled and at the same time gain full trust.

It’s no wonder that since it was first launched, this company has immediately won a place in the hearts of the Indonesian people.

The most important benefit of AIA life insurance is a form of protection for customers until they are 99 years old.

Apart from providing compensation when a customer dies, this insurance also covers at least 60 critical illnesses. Of course not many other companies have the courage to put themselves in this position, considering the risk is quite large.

Not only that, the risk of death due to an accident is fully borne and compensation is given according to the agreement.

The amount of compensation is generally based on the cost of the policy and the selected plan. Of all types of AIA health insurance, some of them are still affordable when viewed from the monthly premium fee.

Types of AIA Life Insurance

Types of AIA Life Insurance

Previously, it was mentioned that there are many types of insurance products from AIA.

Not without reason, of course, the company deliberately makes it easy for customers to choose the one they need. The most interesting types of AIA health insurance discussed are as follows!

1. AIA PowerPro Life

AIA PowerPro Life is the first type and includes traditional life insurance. The form of protection obtained is the risk of death and several critical illnesses.

So you still get benefits even though you only suffer pain. This insurance coverage period reaches 10 years with a sum insured of up to 250 million.

2. AIA ProTerm Protection

Still a type of traditional life insurance, AIA ProTerm Protection provides protection from the risk of death and accidents that cause total disability.

The coverage fund that the customer gets is 100%, of course, quite large. In addition, other benefits obtained are premium returns at the end of the 15th year.

3. AIA Healthy One Hundred

Apart from including life insurance, AIA Sehat hundred is also a type of AIA life insurance. That is, you as a customer get two benefits at once when you have this type of insurance.

Life protection that is obtained until the age of 99, while in terms of health there are even more benefits. For example critical illness, hospitalization, and even the cost of giving birth.

4. AIA Protection Prima Plus

Next is AIA Proteksi Prima Plus, this is a unit-linked life insurance that is suitable as the top choice. In addition to getting the benefits of protection from insurance, you also get investment benefits.

Investment funds are taken from monthly premiums which can be adjusted according to need.

5. AIA Priority Plus Assurance

Still around unit linked life insurance, this time there is AIA Priority Plus Assurance. Not much different from before, only this time the protection is up to the age of 70 years.

The allocation of investment funds is taken from a premium of 3% for the rupiah and 1.5% for the dollar. Another advantage is the loyalty bonus of 25% of the basic premium for one year.

6. AIA Infinite Link Assurance

AIA Infinite Link Assurance also includes AIA life insurance which is based on a unit link system. In addition to insurance benefits, there are also investment benefits like the previous type.

In terms of loyalty bonus benefits are greater than before, namely reaching 100% of the basic premium for a period of one year.

7. AIA Sakinah Assurance

From its type, it is clear that AIA Sakinah Assurance is a type of Sharia life insurance. Including unit link insurance as well, but this time it is managed according to Sharia principles.

You can also choose to use it as personal insurance or family insurance. Coverage reaches 80 years of age and 32 critical illnesses.

8. Group Term Life Employee Insurance

Group Term Life Employee Insurance is a type of AIA life insurance specifically for employees. That is, you as a private customer cannot have this insurance.

Only companies that have a certain number of employees can have it. The most important benefit is compensation which reaches 100 million for employees who die.

9. AIA BCA Life Insurance Products

It was mentioned above that this life insurance works with several banks in Indonesia, including one of which is Bank BCA.

This form of cooperation created a type of insurance known as AIA BCA Life Insurance. This type is also divided into several products, including PRATAMA, Maxi Protection Plus, and Maxi Protection Plus.

AIA Life Insurance Premiums

AIA Life Insurance Premiums

After knowing the various types that are quite a lot, it’s time for us to discuss how much the cost of life insurance premiums owned by AIA Indonesia.

In contrast to AIA health insurance , which cannot be ascertained because there are many determining factors. For more detailed life insurance and you can see each of the following premiums!

  • AIA Powerpro Life: from 300,000 per month.
  • AIA ProTerm Protection: 284,000 per month.
  • AIA Sehat Ratu: starting from 300,000 per month.
  • AIA Proteksi Prima Plus: starting from 3,600,000 per month.
  • AIA Priority Plus Assurance: depending on the total costs incurred.
  • AIA Infinite Link Assurance: 10,000,000 per month.
  • AIA Infinite Plus Assurance: from 10,000,000 per month.
  • AIA Prolink Assurance: starting from 250,000 per month.
  • AIA Family First Protection: 200,000 per month.
  • AIA Protection Income Plan: 2,000,000 per month.

AIA Life Insurance Benefits

AIA Life Insurance Benefits

If no benefits are provided, surely everyone is not interested in buying insurance. The benefits of AIA life insurance depend on the type and plan you choose.

But when viewed from the global benefits, there are some important things you need to know. The first is compensation when he dies which is given by the heirs.

Even though it’s called life insurance, there are other benefits from the risk of a critical illness that may be suffered.

In addition, another benefit that is obtained is coverage in the event of an accident resulting in total disability.

Because there is a type of unit-linked life insurance, you also get investment benefits according to the chosen plan.

How to Claim AIA Life Insurance

How to Claim AIA Life Insurance

To get all the benefits mentioned above, you must make a claim first. This claim will be processed after the data submitted is complete according to the applicable regulations.

The important requirements that must be met are the original insurance policy, a death certificate from the village or hospital, and the identity of the policy holder.

After everything is complete, all you have to do is head to the branch office to process the claim. Fill out the claim submission form given by the officer according to personal data.

Then return it and include the supporting documents that were brought before. Wait for your claim submission to be processed, usually around 3 days to get the status whether it is approved or not.

Those are the important things that you must know before deciding to buy AIA life insurance, starting from getting to know the types, benefits, and how to claim.

Having an insurance product is indeed important, but it is even more important if it is adjusted to your needs, especially choosing a premium according to your abilities.

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