Bridget Fonda, no second thoughts on retirement: “It’s too good to be an ordinary person”

Bridget Fonda has changed her life and does not intend to retrace her steps. The former actress, 59, was spotted by paparazzi during a rare public outing on her way to Los Angeles airport.

After two decades away from the spotlight, she makes it clear: Hollywood will never be a part of her life again.

Bridget Fonda no longer wants to know about cinema

Pressed by reporters outside the airport, Bridget Fonda has categorically ruled out a return to the world of cinema.

“No. It’s too good to be an ordinary person ยป , she replied to those who asked her if it was possible to see her again in some film. A farewell now full-blown.

Twenty years have passed since her retirement from the scene. Since, that is, she had left the family business โ€“ cinema โ€“ to devote herself full time to her private life .

The retreat to devote himself to private life

Bridget Fonda, daughter of Peter Fonda (brother of Jane Fonda ) and Susan Brewer, had left the scene in 2002, after a successful career at the turn of the eighties and nineties.

She had acted, among others, in the films The Godfather โ€“ Part III, Codename: Nina and Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino .

In 2003 she married film composer Danny Elfman and then the birth of their son Oliver, now eighteen.

Since then the apparitions have become increasingly rare. Until the last sighting, in which she reaffirmed her intentions: to live away from the spotlight.

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