Colombia is the second country that uses Smart Fit gym the most in the region

David Raya, CEO of the company, assured that they have been able to recover the same number of users that they had before the pandemic.

After the pandemic, the general population began to pay more attention to health care , which is why several people decided to implement healthier habits to ensure their well-being. Gyms have been an option to achieve that goal.

A ccording to David Raya, CEO of Smart Fit, Colombia is the second country that uses the company’s gyms the most.

How are the figures for Smart Fit?

We managed to recover the number of users we had before the pandemic. For us, that was already the first sign that the economy was reactivating.

This year we have felt that it started a little slower, and not so much because of the issue of our users, but because of the landlords.

In the first quarter it was difficult to get new locations, there we noticed that real estate entrepreneurs were a little more prudent. Fortunately, since March the sector has become more dynamic again.

Why is the sector reactivated?

The change of habit, especially after the pandemic, has been fundamental. People are much more aware of the health care issue and that has been reflected in our numbers.

What projections do they have?

We think that, by the end of 2023, the economy will already be much more stable.

Our expectation is that, particularly towards the last quarter, we will see a much more controlled panorama with greater certainty, and not like the growth that we have been experiencing in the last 12 or 18 months to date.

Did that lead to rethinking gyms?

Before the pandemic, people were very focused on cardio. What we saw later was a trend towards exercises that have to do with the body, with self-loading and strength exercises.

This has also led us to modify our areas within each venue, where we are prioritizing space for this type of exercise.

What is the reason for the accelerated expansion of its headquarters?

People are increasingly looking for practicality. He wants attending a fitness center, a gym, not to imply a sacrifice, but to be part of his routine.

For us, being able to bring this activity much closer to home or work has an impact on more people adding to this lifestyle.

Being physically active is no longer something extraordinary or something rare, but is now part of daily life.

What is the profile of the users?

In general, our profile ranges from 16 to 35 years old, and the mix is ​​almost 50% women and 50% men. One thing that has happened to us after the pandemic is that we have more and more users in the 40-65 age range.

Where do they have more presence?

The largest presence until a year ago was in Medellín. We had just over 30 venues, but today the capital leads.

We have 36 offices operating in Bogotá, plus those in Cundinamarca, with which we reach just over 40 units.

Likewise, in a couple of weeks we are going to open our first office in Florencia, Caquetá. Also, to give you an example, we are in 40 different city halls or municipalities.

What is the season with the most affiliates?

In January the company closed with 4.1 million users in the 14 countries where we operate. This month we added more than 300,000 users, representing a record influx of new affiliates.

January and February are always very dynamic months and when you want to go to the beach, that is to say in the summer season, around June, July and August, the service is once again in high demand.

What characterizes Smart Fit?

The great feature that we have is that we do not encourage the sale of a plan from 12 months to 24 months, because what we want is for you to come train for us. If you come, it is a super winner beyond trying to sell you a plan or an annuity.

How do you analyze the behavior of demand?

We do not see the global results. We measure ourselves as a retailer; that is, store to store, or in our case, branch to branch.

We don’t let a winning establishment subsidize a losing venue. All have to have a minimum performance that is reflected at the end of the month.

How is Colombia positioned in the region?

In Latin America, Colombia is the second most active population in terms of the use of gyms, surpassed only by Brazil. Cities such as Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla stand out.

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