MLB The Show 23: Is it worth it?

I’m going to open the analysis by saying that yes, I know that baseball is not a very popular sport in Brazil. Very few people in the country know the rules, follow matches and everything else.

But for those who enjoy, or are interested in enjoying one day, MLB The Show 23 can be very good. Whether to live the digital version of what you already see in real life or as a gateway to the modality.

The game is considered by the developers to be a new era in the franchise. And it’s not hard to understand why.

In addition to being incredibly well done graphically, and taking advantage of all the technology of the PlayStation 5, it offers players an improved gameplay (more intuitive than ever) and a wide variety of game modes.

If MLB The Show 23 had Brazilian Portuguese localization and a more consistent online mode, it would be a virtually perfect experience for anyone who enjoys the sport.

Unfortunately, however, these points still get in the way, as well as the low popularity of the sport – don’t expect, for example, to have several friends on your list playing.

baseball for everyone

When the ball is thrown or hit, it is not for anyone. MLB The Show 23 is one of the games of the genre that most manages to bring reality to video games in a satisfactory way for fans.

Obviously, there are still some mistakes, mainly in the timing of certain moves – even more so when we’re playing online.

MLB The Show 23

But overall, the gameplay is great. Player animations, controls, ball physics. Everything works in such a way that it’s possible to say that it’s even confusing that it’s an MLB game even though it’s on television. Especially since the game is beautiful.

Having a super well done presentation, extremely well built graphics and the narration simulating the TV.

But the coolest thing about it is that this whole set is not restricted to hardcore gamers only .

Every year, it seems like San Diego Studios tries to make the game more accessible. The mechanics are simpler, the tutorials more complete, so you have no excuse not to learn.

Even more so with the dynamic difficulty, which increases the challenge as you get better results.

And what’s not lacking is challenge.

MLB The Show 23 Game Pass

After all, MLB The Show 23 offers players a huge range of game modes. It’s not just playing a game here and there, or playing a Major League Baseball season.

Road to the Show, March to October, Diamond Dynasty… Everything is there. Career mode, Franchise and the already traditional one of collecting cards. Each one with its attractions, all super fun.

And what about two amazing additions: the national teams and the Negro Leagues? The Negro Leagues mode, then, is amazing.

Maybe not for its gameplay, which consists of relatively easy scenarios, but for the history lesson with videos telling the stories that are simulated there to enhance the history of iconic players, like Jackie Robinson.

Incidentally, the amount of legends of the modality spread across the game modes is impressive. In all, 180 names that made sports history are present, including Derek Jeter ( Collector’s Edition cover ), David Wright, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

MLB The Show 23 has career mode

In addition, in terms of gameplay, the title features new dynamics between pitchers and hitters, more than 5,000 in-game action animations and greater variety in athlete responses.

Improvements to account customization, in-depth management strategies in Career mode, and customization to the game style as well deserve praise.

MLB The Show 23: Is it worth it?

The answer is yes, it does. Especially because, if you’re here, reading this review and reaching the end of it, most likely it’s because you have some interest in the game, right?

And, for this specific audience, it is clear that it is a great option. Perhaps the best of recent years on The Show. From gameplay to graphics and presentation, it delivers what is expected.

And even for those who are not used to it, a tip: on the PlayStation Store , you can download the game to test it for 3 hours if you have the PS Plus Deluxe plan.

Great opportunity to see how things are and, who knows, fall in love with a new sport – and, of course, one of the best titles of its kind at the moment. MLB The Show 23 is worth it.

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