Sharia Health Insurance: Types, Premiums, Products & How to Claim

Sharia Health Insurance is the first choice not only because it provides long-term protection for health problems.

However, because the system used is more syar’i and in accordance with the teachings of Islam. In general, Sharia insurance uses the tabarru’ principle in managing its funds.

Tabarru’ is the principle of helping each other, where when a participant is hit by a disaster, the funds will be used to help him.

In this case, the insurance company only acts as a fund manager, not as the owner. Of course it is different from conventional insurance, where the funds collected belong to the company.

As is known, no one knows how the health condition will be in the future. Moreover, there is a risk of accidents for those who are often on the highway using motorized vehicles. There could also be a risk of a work accident resulting in injury or other illness.

This is where the important role of Sharia health insurance is, where later you will get assistance from funds collected by other participants when you have an illness or accident.

Currently, many found insurance related to health problems. Even companies that used to only provide conventional insurance products are now starting to offer a Sharia system.

Before learning more, it’s good if we know in advance what types of Sharia Health Insurance are. Actually not much different from conventional insurance. Each is divided according to its category, including the following!

✦ By Treatment Type

Insurance companies provide health services for inpatients. In general, hospital costs are fully borne by the insurance company. It’s just that sometimes there are points that need attention from this problem. Not a few of them feel disadvantaged because the coverage is not 100%.

Some companies also bear the cost of surgery if the patient has to undergo it. There was also an offer that promised the cost of dialysis, all of which would be borne by the company.

However, not all companies, therefore it is better if you ask in more detail before deciding to buy Sharia health insurance.

In addition to inpatient coverage costs, this insurance category generally provides outpatient services.

Every insurance participant who is treated at home under the supervision of a doctor is still possible to get assistance from other participants. For example, a doctor’s diagnosis, laboratory checks, and also the cost of medicines needed.

Based on the Organizing Body

As said before, there are currently many insurance companies that apply the Sharia system.

The reason is none other than because of the benefits and also the interest of consumers in buying it. Indeed, at this time many are switching to Sharia health insurance products instead of having to keep using conventional insurance.

Most of these insurance agencies are dominated by private companies. Actually, government agencies such as BPJS also apply the Tabarru’ system, but the type of fund management is still unclear, so it cannot be said to be Syar’i.

✦ Based on the Insured

The next type can be seen from the insured, whether personal or group. Personal type means that you register individually to buy an insurance product. The benefits you get are also for yourself, not your family or other people.

In contrast to collectives or groups that lead to the use of many people. This type is usually used for company employees which is one of their mandatory rights. In addition, it is better for family members who are part of the family to use this type.

Sharia Health Insurance Premium Costs

As with conventional insurance, the cost of Sharia health insurance premiums is also seen from many factors.

The size of the fee depends on many things, for example, the amount of the insured’s fees. In addition, the health condition before buying a product is also the main factor that most companies pay attention to.

Another determining factor is the profession of the prospective insured, which is usually adjusted to the product offered. If you want to get additional benefits, this factor is also influential.

But in general, the costs required are not too expensive. Some companies even offer a premium of 60,000 for one month.

Please note, premium payments must be made routinely every month. If you are late or do not pay within a certain time, you may be fined according to Islamic law. However, you can directly consult the agent or company concerned to find the right solution if this problem occurs.

The Best Sharia Health Insurance Products

Almost every conventional insurance company offers a new system known as Sharia. Besides being profitable because you can choose according to your needs, the number of products can be confusing.

As a recommendation, we provide a list of the best Sharia health insurance products in Indonesia below!

1. Prudential Sharia

Prudential is one of the insurance companies that is widely known because it had been intensively promoting it some time ago. It turns out that it’s not just a promotion, but the benefits are also felt by many participants.

Through Sharia-based products, there are two types that are their main focus, namely Sharia health insurance and PRUPrime Healthcare Plus Syariah.

Of the two, this insurance is the best choice because there are additional benefits to be gained.

In general, this best insurance company provides cashless for hospitalization of 900,000 rupiah. For those who are outpatient, they get a cover fee of 300,000 for general practitioners, and 350,000 for specialist doctors.

The total benefits obtained from this insurance are 450 million per year.

2. Generali

The next best Sharia health insurance product is Generali. You can choose two options through this company, namely iPlan Syariah and iSalaam.

For iPlan Syariah, it offers investment benefits in addition to insurance. Investments made are still based on Sharia and are confirmed to be halal from an Islamic point of view.

Meanwhile, the iSalaam product provides short premium payment benefits, but the coverage period is longer. The similarity of the two Generali products lies in the coverage when the participant dies. However, there is a difference in the amount obtained.

3. Manulife

Manulife is one of the best Sharia health insurance products because it offers two benefits at the same time, namely for health and life insurance.

The product this time can be called unit link because there are benefits of investing in it. As with other products that provide investment benefits, this time also for halal investment instruments.

Another advantage that customers get is the additional value of the policy for heirs left by customers.

In fact they get 100% compensation and added to the value of the insurance policy. You can get all these benefits if you buy insurance known as Berkah SaveLink from Manulife.

4. AXA Mandiri Syariah

Conventional insurance from AXA Mandiri has quite a lot of benefits. This time they are offering a Sharia system that is no less interesting and useful for customers, called Mandiri Syariah Health Protection Insurance.

In addition to health benefits, participants also benefit from this type of life insurance.

The advantage of the daily amount when doing hospitalization, this best Sharia health insurance product provides 90 days in one year.

If you have to do surgery, the amount of coverage received reaches 10 million rupiah. There is also compensation for operational costs when going to the hospital.

How to Claim Sharia Health Insurance

It’s a shame if you have already bought a Sharia insurance product, but don’t know how to claim it. Broadly speaking, how to claim Sharia health insurance is not much different from conventional. However, each company certainly has its own policy in this regard.

In general, the first step that must be taken is to provide information to the company.

This process is very important and must be carried out immediately because there are several companies that provide a time limit for the claim in question. Previously, make sure that the illness is indeed the responsibility of the company.

Supporting information from the hospital is very important, so you can bring it with you when you visit the insurance company concerned.

Don’t forget to bring a policy letter and supporting documents, such as KK and KTP. After that, there will be a form that you must fill in to process a Sharia Health Insurance claim.

Make sure that all the data filled in matches the data of the policyholder. Next is the checking process carried out by the company.

In this case, usually you need to wait for confirmation whether a claim can be sought or not. If in accordance with the requirements, it is likely that a claim can be filed.

There are some companies that don’t pay immediately when the claim is approved. Sometimes you need to wait a few days and even weeks.

But actually this is not a problem, the important thing is that the claim process has been approved. To avoid claim rejection, it’s a good idea to check beforehand whether the illness you are suffering from is indeed covered in the agreement.

The benefits of Sharia health insurance are quite a lot. However, you still have to pay attention to several things before buying a product.

Among what is meant is adjusting the cost of the premium according to ability. If necessary, please compare the cost of premiums and benefits between one company and another.

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