10 Ways to Get Money Fast and Guaranteed

Having a lot of money is of course the hope and dream for most people. The question is, is there a way to get money fast and guaranteed? Everything needs a process, some are fast and some are long.

Likewise in terms of getting money, there are ways that are considered very fast, especially with current technological advances.

Of course it’s not difficult to get money if you currently work as an employee. There is a definite income every month, depending on the job position and where you work.

But the amount earned remains the same every month, what is meant is the basic salary. For those who occupy the position of manager, maybe you don’t need to ask anymore, because it’s definitely big every month.

Please note, the percentage of wealth of entrepreneurs or people who run a business is far greater than that of employees.

Call it traders, they can take a lot of profit from what is traded. This time we will discuss what types of businesses are proven to be able to get money quickly.

1. Create a Blog

Along with the sophistication of technology, any information is easy to find on the internet. One of them is from blogs that usually provide the latest and viral information.

Not only well-known blogs or websites, you can also get them from personal blogs made by individuals.

Seeing this condition, creating a blog is the best way to get money quickly. Blogs are only used as the main media, for the type of income you can choose as you wish.

After having a good blog and lots of visitors, you can join the affiliate program or Google Adsense.

2. Sponsored Posts

The next method is still related to the blog or website that you created before. The essence of making your own blog is with the aim of increasing visitors.

In this case, there are many things that must be learned, one of which is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Sponsored post itself means content obtained from certain brands with the aim of promoting their products. Usually in the form of an article in which there is a link that leads to a description of the product in question.

Actually, the content of the post is not far from the description itself. The cost per post depends on the quality of the blog you have. but the average reaches a minimum of 200 thousand rupiah.

3. Freelancing

The next fast and lawful way to get money is to become a freelancer or freelancer. There are many advantages to this job, one of which is flexible time.

Of course the main advantage is to get regular income. You can be anything, whether done online or offline.

But with today’s technological sophistication, it’s a good idea to become an online freelancer, because there will be lots of types of jobs that can be found.

An example is creating and editing videos that are usually needed by content creators. If you have foreign language skills, the right choice is to become an online translator.

4. Sharia Investment

For some people or circles, investment is not completely lawful for several reasons. It is different with Sharia investments which are confirmed to be because they are directly supervised by the MUI and assisted by the Sharia Supervisory Board.

Apart from being halal, investment is also a way to get money quickly, depending on the amount of capital.

The greater the investment capital, the greater the money obtained. Previously, it should be noted that investment is not 100% profitable.

There are times when you can lose just like you trade. Therefore, make sure to choose an insurance company that has a good history of transactions.

5. Property Investment

Apart from Sharia investment, getting money in an easy and fast way is by investing in property. Indeed, on average, it requires large capital, but there are also some that require small capital.

For starters, you can invest in property online by joining a crowdfunding platform.

6. Goods Rental Services

Rental services are touted as a way to get money quickly. It seems quite reasonable, because there are several items that most people prefer to rent rather than have to buy.

For example, renting traditional clothes or professional costumes, which are usually rented by school-age children.

In addition, the business rents out motorized vehicles, either bicycles or cars.

As for the capital itself, it’s not bad, but it’s proven to bring big profits, usually it will be crowded at certain times. For starters, just provide a few units of goods if the capital is limited.

7. Become an Insurance Agent

If there are many connections or friendships, both in the real world and in cyberspace, there is nothing wrong if you become an insurance agent. No capital is required to carry out this work.

You only need the skills to speak to the target and be good at persuading them to join the insurance offered.

The amount of income depends on the agreement, usually around 100 thousand to 200 thousand for one customer.

No need to join a certain company, please join sales at an insurance company. Interestingly, you can offer several insurances at once and provide choices for potential customers.

8. Sell Digital Goods

Selling digital goods is a way to get money quickly that should not be underestimated. The main advantage of this business is that from the product itself, you don’t need to make much.

Just one digital product, you can sell it to many customers. An example is a photo, anyone can buy the same photo at a predetermined price.

Another example is the YouTube channel which is usually needed when it meets the requirements for displaying ads.

For adsense accounts also need to be taken into account, the article is not difficult to make at this time. If you have a premium Spotify account, please sell it using the share slot feature.

9. Play Games Get Money

If in the past playing games was considered a futile activity, it is different now because it can actually be used as a way to get money fast. Many games are believed to bring profit.

There are also applications that reward points that can be exchanged for cash or attractive prizes.

The method is easy and there are many methods that can be used. An example is a push rank service that helps increase the level of a certain account.

You can also create an account and raise the level first. If you feel the level is high and worth selling, please offer it through forums or social media groups.

10. Paid Online Surveys

Don’t have much time to run your business? Take it easy, there are other ways to get fast money, namely by filling out paid online surveys.

Many sites that provide surveys of this type, are usually rewarded in the form of points. Later these points can be exchanged for various attractive prizes and also cash.

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