Tiktok Minyak Telon viral video on twitter

Viral, minyak telon oil is used by junior high school students for indecent things, the link is being hunted by netizens.

The viral video link for junior high school children’s Miyank telon oil has become a hot topic of conversation on social media, it turns out that the liquid was used for indecent things.

Social media was shocked by the news that telon oil was allegedly used by female junior high school students to carry out sexual acts.

After further investigation, the viral video minyak telon oil for junior high school children was already busy on social media, such as Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

As uploaded by the TikTok account @andiazrha02, the video with the caption minyak telon oil 50 has received 526.6 K views, with thousands of comments.

“It’s a pity that there are so many unemployed lasso out there, why do you have to use telon oil, it’s true that this junior high school student is disturbing the virtual world again,” he explained in the video.

Link video viral minyak telon

Meanwhile, on Twitter, many internet users claim to have a link to the minyak telon oil video for middle school students which is currently viral.

Please be aware, careless link access can harm your device and can steal personal data on your cellphone.

Apart from that, accessing videos or downloading videos of immoral acts can also be subject to article violations

310 of the Criminal Code which consists of 3 paragraphs.

It was explained that distributing videos and photos that contain someone’s privacy or disgrace without permission is a crime and falls into the category of unpleasant acts and defamation.

FQA (Frequently Queried Aspects)

What is minyak telon video?

In fact, not only bottles of telon oil were victims, but several bottles such as deodorant rolls have gone viral. However, maybe because of the size factor which is relatively small so it is used by him.

Who is minyak telon?

What is Minyak Telon? Minyak Telon is made from a mixture of three main ingredients, namely. fennel oil, eucalyptus oil, and. coconut oil.

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