Who is Mai Titi and Viral Video

Mai Titi, whose real name is Felistas Edwards, is a Zimbabwean comedian, social media personality, and actress. She gained popularity through her humorous videos and skits on various social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

Mai Titi is known for her witty and outspoken personality, tackling social issues and sharing her life experiences in a comedic manner.

Aside from her online presence, Mai Titi has also ventured into acting and has appeared in several Zimbabwean films and television series. She has used her platform to address serious topics such as domestic violence and has been an advocate for women’s rights in Zimbabwe.

Mai Titi’s entertaining and relatable content has garnered a large following, making her one of the most influential social media personalities in Zimbabwe. She continues to engage with her fans and use her platform to raise awareness about important social issues.

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Viral Video of Mai Titi

Mai Titi finds herself at the center of an ongoing viral video scandal where explicit videos and images have been viral.

In a bold move, the comedian publicly accuses her ex-husband of being the source behind this unfortunate incident.

She reveals, “My ex-husband is the only person who possessed my intimate content and deliberately shared them. I have reported the matter to the authorities in both the countries he resides in and here in Zimbabwe.”

Mai Titi clarifies that she no longer has any association with her former friend involved in this controversy and questions the motives behind the act of revenge.

She further asserts that her ex-husband might be seeking revenge since he cannot return to Zimbabwe due to alleged embezzlement, which led to his inclusion on the wanted list.

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