Viral RP on Tiktok What kind of game? Here’s How to Play!

In a video that has gone viral on the social media platform TikTok, an 11-year-old boy is caught by his father for being addicted to roleplaying. The video shows the moment when the father gets angry and gives a strong reprimand to his son after discovering a habit that makes him anxious.

In the video, it is clear that the child’s addiction to roleplaying affects his daily life. The child often engages in roleplaying activities on TikTok, creating fictional characters and interacting with fellow roleplayers. 

The videos show that the child spends a lot of time role-playing instead of focusing on schoolwork and daily activities.

The father of the child, in the video, expresses his disappointment and concern about his son’s addiction. He highlighted the importance of focusing on education and healthy personal development. 

His father also conveyed the message about the importance of maintaining a balance between online entertainment and everyday responsibilities.

Viral video of children caught by RP on Tiktok

Viral RP on Tiktok

The video reaped various reactions from TikTok users. Many agree with the father and consider it a good form of care and parenting. However, some users have also expressed sympathy for the child, saying that roleplaying addiction may just be a harmless hobby.

Based on the video recording that was re-uploaded by account user @jeshagalau on June 15, 2023, a little girl can be seen crying. The child is named Bintang and is 11 years old.

In the video, it can be seen that Bintang’s father reminded his son loudly. The TikTok account @jeshagalau wrote, “This is a lesson for you, Bintang. Your father did all this for your future.”

Furthermore, the account added, “You may play a role (RP), but you have to ask your parents for permission first, right? If you had asked for permission in the first place, maybe the situation wouldn’t have turned out like this.”

Addiction to roleplaying or roles at a young age can indeed cause concern. Apart from distracting from daily responsibilities, this can also affect a child’s social and cognitive development.

It is important for parents to monitor and direct their children’s use of social media and ensure that they maintain a healthy balance between online and real-life activities.

In these situations, it is important for families to engage in open dialogue and empathy. The child’s father can use this moment to help his child understand the consequences of addiction and guide him in finding other activities that are more balanced and rewarding.

This case is also a reminder to parents of the importance of proper monitoring and supervision of their children’s online activities. Parents should stay engaged in their children’s digital lives and provide healthy direction regarding social media use and time spent online.

In dealing with situations like this, it is important for all parties to put forward good communication, understanding, and a supportive approach so that children can learn from their mistakes and grow positively.

Impact and Solution: Children Addicted to “Rp Viral” on TikTok

Viral RP on Tiktok

In an age of digital and growing social media, viral phenomena on platforms like TikTok can have a significant impact on children and young people. One of the newest trends is the “Viral Rp” addiction on TikTok. 

Rp Viral refers to a lifestyle popularized on social media, where children try to emulate a lifestyle of glamour, luxury and extravagant squandering of money.

We will discuss the possible effects of this addiction and offer solutions to deal with it.

1. Financial Interference

Children can get into serious financial trouble when they try to emulate an expensive and extravagant lifestyle. This can lead to debt problems and financial instability in the future.

2. Ignoring Actual Values

Addiction to Viral Rp can cloud children’s perception of true values ​​such as hard work, thrift and financial wisdom. They may lose sight of the importance of respecting money and learn to manage it wisely.

3. Low self-esteem

If children are unable to live up to the standards set by the Rp Viral lifestyle, they may experience feelings of inferiority, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.

4. Unhealthy Priorities

Addiction to Viral Rp can distract children from more important things like education, healthy social relationships and personal development. They may focus more on self-image and appearance than on holistic growth.

5. Provided Solutions

To overcome Viral Rp addiction among children, here are some solutions and actions that can be taken:

6. Education and Awareness

Parents and educators need to provide education and awareness about the importance of wise financial management, true values, and the long-term effects of irresponsible financial decisions.

7. Restrictions on the Use of Social Media

Setting limits on time and use of social media, including TikTok, can help reduce children’s exposure to content that encourages Rp Viral addiction. Parents should monitor and be involved in their children’s online activity.

8. Facilitate Open Discussion

Keeping open channels of communication with children is important to understand their perspectives, teach them the right values, and help them deal with any social pressures they may experience.

9. Financial Education

Encouraging financial education at school and at home can help children understand the importance of managing money wisely, develop saving habits, and understand long-term values ​​over immediate pleasure. Addiction to Rp Viral on TikTok can have a negative impact on children and youth.

With proper education, awareness, limiting social media use, and financial education, we can help children develop a healthy understanding of true values, wise financial management, and build a solid foundation for their holistic growth and development.

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Let’s Get to Know the Concept and Activities of Roleplaying!

Viral RP on Tiktok

Roleplayer is a term that is often used in the context of games, online communities, and the world of entertainment. Roleplaying activities have become popular among people who enjoy creating and living fictional characters.

We’ll explore the concept of roleplaying, what they do, and why it appeals to so many people. Roleplayers are individuals involved in roleplaying activities. Roleplaying is the process of pretending to be a character or playing a certain role that is different from themselves.

In these activities, roleplayers often use their imagination and creativity to create characters, construct stories, and interact with others. Roleplaying activities can vary depending on the context. Some common forms of roleplaying include:

  • Role-playing Games (RPG) where players take on the role of fictional characters in a story or scenario. They can interact with other characters, face challenges, and make decisions that will affect the storyline.
  • Roleplaying communities such as forums or social media, there are roleplaying communities that act as fictional characters. They interact with fellow roleplayers, write stories together, and carry out predetermined scenarios.
  • A cosplayer is a person who dresses and poses as a character from a popular film, anime, video game, or other work of fiction. They perform costumes resembling the character and may assume the character’s role at events and conventions.

There are several reasons why roleplaying is such a popular activity among many people:

  • RP allows one to express their creativity and imagination by creating unique characters and immersing themselves in engaging stories.
  • RP provides an opportunity to explore experiences and identities that are different from everyday life. It can be a form of escape and entertainment.
  • Roleplaying activities often involve interacting with other people, whether in games, online communities, or cosplay events. This creates an opportunity to form bonds with people who share similar interests and hobbies.
  • RP can help develop skills such as teamwork, improvisation, writing, and problem solving.

RP is an activity that involves posing as fictional characters, creating stories, and interacting with other people. This activity can be done through role play, online community, or cosplay.

The Benefits of Playing Roleplayer for Children if Used Well

Role playing is an activity that is often carried out by children as a form of creative and imaginative expression. When used properly, playing roleplayer can provide a number of positive benefits for a child’s development.

The following are some of the benefits of playing roleplayer for children if used properly:

1. Stimulation of Creativity and Imagination

Roleplayer play encourages children to use their imagination and create unique fictional worlds. In role playing, children can develop characters, create stories, and live interesting experiences. This helps stimulate their creativity and imagination and trains critical thinking and problem solving skills.

2. Development of Social and Emotional Skills

In playing roleplayer, children can interact with fellow roleplayers and learn to communicate, work together, and build relationships. 

They can understand the roles and perspectives of others, learn to manage conflict, and develop empathy. It helps in the development of social and emotional skills which are important in everyday life.

3. Learning Values ​​and Ethics

Through playing roleplayer, children can portray characters with positive values, such as honesty, cooperation, and courage. 

They can learn about the consequences of actions, understand the importance of making good decisions, and develop an understanding of ethics. This helps in the formation of positive values ​​in them.

4. Improved Language and Literacy Skills

Playing roleplayer involves speaking, listening, and interacting with words. This helps improve children’s language skills and literacy. 

Children can hone their speaking skills, increase their vocabulary and develop the ability to construct stories or scenarios. In addition, playing roleplayer can also encourage interest in reading and writing.

However, keep in mind that parental supervision is still required when playing roleplayer. Parents should make sure their children use roleplaying in a healthy way and understand the limitations that apply. 

In proper use, playing roleplayer can be a useful and fun activity for children’s development.

FQA (Frequently Queried Aspects)

What does rp mean on tiktok

In the video, it is clear that the child’s addiction to roleplaying affects his daily life. The child often engages in roleplaying activities on TikTok, creating fictional characters and interacting with fellow roleplayers. 

What are roleplayers?

Roleplayer (RP) is a term that is often used in the context of games, online communities, and the world of entertainment. Roleplaying activities have become popular among people who enjoy creating and living fictional characters.

What is roleplay (RP)?

According to the IKIP-PGRI Pontianak Social Education Journal, role playing in education, including guidance and counseling, is an individual’s technique of playing imaginative situations and paralleling real life.

If you look at the various explanations above, you could say that the WhatsApp message containing this command is a hoax and is not true. For those who get a message like that, there’s no need to be afraid and worry about what’s written in it.

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