Safira Hunar viral Twitter and her photos are being hunted by netizens

Often social networks always present viral content that concerns oneself, even other people. This is what happened to searches found on Twitter, namely the keyword Safira Hunar Viral.

Unexpectedly, many people were surprised by the news that indirectly caught the attention of many internet users. Especially for fans who follow these TikTok celebrities.

Then, what actually happened to the viral incident? that is what we will explain in full here. For further information regarding the chronology and main source of the quest for Safira Hunar Viral, see below.

TikTokers Become Victims of Fads! Safira Hunar’s Chronology Viral on Twitter, Said Photo Edited?

An obscene photo is circulating on the internet that resembles one of the TikTok celebrities named Safira Hunar. In fact, many say that the face is the original of the Celebrity.

Of course, the news made people very surprised, especially Safira fans who found out about it directly on Twitter. Moreover, the photo takes reference from a girl wearing a hijab.

The chronology of the indecent photos, of course, started with one of the account posts on Twitter. Then get responses from followers of the Safira Hunar account who accidentally saw it.

Luckily there are many people who immediately notified the post to the victim. Many informed them through comments on their TikTok account posts, and there were also those who immediately sent photo posts directly via DM.

Of course, followers questioned the authenticity of the photo and immediately asked for confirmation from the person concerned. The TikTok celebrity was also very surprised by what he saw.

What is even surprising is that the post has been viewed by as many as 1.5 million Twitter users. The photo shows him in a state of showing forbidden parts.

With her mild-mannered personality, it seems highly improbable that the photo is really her. In each of his comments, the TikTok celebrity gets a lot of support from his followers and tries to make it clear that the viral photo of Safira Hunar is not true.

Poor Celebrity TikTok! Here’s a Clarification About Safira Hunar’s Viral Photos Circulating on Twitter, Safira: That’s an Edit, huh!

Safira Hunar viral Twitter

After getting lots of messages or DMs or comments from her followers on TikTok, Safira immediately made clarifications. Obviously, he really regrets photos like that on social media.

In the information that found in his post, he complained “life is tiring, some even edit photos so it’s weird, Astaghfirullah,” he wrote in his first photo slide. There are a total of eleven slides that describe the reporting process.

There are many screenshots that he took from several netizen comments that informed him. Even he was also curious about the photo and wanted to find out who the culprit was.

After finding out, he was very surprised that the photo had 1.5 million views. He also didn’t want to give too detailed a clarification, afraid that making the clarification would make the bad news even more crowded.

He emphatically said that the photo was an edit alias not true. The TikTok celebrity also thanked the people who explained that the photo was edited.

In addition, the hijab girl also asks for help if anyone accidentally sees the photo, just report it. He also apologizes if there are words or grammatical errors.

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Various Netizens’ Comments Regarding Safira Hunar’s TikTok Celebrity Photo Naked Viral Circulating on Twitter, Lots of Support from Fans!

Safira Hunar viral Twitter

As an influencer who has many followers, of course, you will always be the center of attention for your followers. Moreover, this TikTok celebrity has followers of up to 3.2 million.

No matter how good our behavior and achievements we achieve will always be wrong in the eyes of the haters. One of them is related to an indecent photo that uses Safira’s face as the object.

In addition, there are lots of people who provide comments ranging from followers to other people. Various comments ranging from support to sarcasm were obtained by this TikTok celebrity.

There were a number of those who made statements that suspected that the photo was her, such as the comment “it really looks like Safira, is it really Safira,” wrote the account @nig ****.

Luckily, there were good people who explained that the photo was edited with the reply “look at the left edited hand,” wrote the account @panc *****. Finally, this misunderstanding was realized by one netizen.

Not only comments questioned the authenticity of these indecent photos. Some even gave a statement directly to DM Safira “There is no clarification, the one on Twitter is real hahahah,” wrote an unknown account.

In addition, many Netizens regretted the original editing of the photo and continued to support the TikTok Celebrity to keep their spirits up. Not surprisingly, many social media users delete all photos on their accounts.

The Photo Phenomenon of Safiral Hunar Viral on Twitter Has a Connection with Artificial Intelligence Technology, Netizens: AI is Really Dangerous!

Safira Hunar viral video

Manipulation techniques have been around for a long time, many photos or videos are edited and don’t match reality. However, editing used to be less intimidating than it is today.

Now, everyone can manipulate any object very practically using AI. Even the edited photo is really real like the original, that’s what makes it look so dangerous.

It’s not only the case that Safira Hunar went viral on Twitter, but many people have become victims of it. Not only famous people who experience it, ordinary people can also become targets.

From several analyzes related to the viral photo, it seems that this photo edit was not the result of manual techniques. Because it’s very difficult to edit using manual tools like Photoshop, except for using AI technology.

Even though it looks perfect, the AI ​​editing also leaves a bit of a flaw in the edits. This was analyzed from one of the accounts we mentioned above.

In fact, the source of the editing can be seen from one photo (not a manipulation of several photos) like the reference told by Safira Hunar. Actually, the original photo was when he was endorsing an item in an online game.

Many Netizens Are Curious! Safira Hunar’s photo link goes viral on Twitter, seen by millions of users

Safira Hunar viral

Of the many people who were excited about the findings they found, some of them missed the information. That’s what makes people curious to find out in detail.

Not a few users immediately searched for the photo with the keyword Safira Hunar Viral on Twitter. Later, users will find many posts related to this one TikTok Celebrity.

However, from the latest update we found that the post has disappeared. Allegedly, the action of reporting by many people caused the account to be banned by Twitter.

Safira also explained that those who didn’t know about it should not look for it. That was the last request after ending the tough test that was experienced by him.

FQA (Frequently Queried Aspects)

Who is curious about Safira Hunar?

Safira Hunar is a content creator and also a student from Bali who is currently 19 years old. The girl who is familiarly called Fira is known to have been born in 2002 and embraced Islam.

Is Safira Hunar have YouTube channel

Apart from TikTok, Safira Hunar is also active on YouTube, you know. Through a channel with the name Safira Hunar, she often creates funny content, make-up, fashion to QnA.

The information provided in this article has been gathered from various sources, including and several newspapers. While we have made efforts to verify the accuracy of the information, we cannot ensure that everything stated is completely correct and fully authenticated.

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