The Definition and Benefits of Doing the ‘Cartwheel’ Floor Exercise for the Human Body

For those of you who like floor gymnastics, of course you are no stranger to “Cartwheel”.

Cartwheel is also called a movement that relies on both hands like a headstand. Cartwheel aims to create a cartwheel that relies on both hands.

The difference between Headstand and Cartwheel can be seen from how to do it and the form of the movement.

Headstand is done by lifting both legs up, then resting on both hands and then maintaining body balance.

Unlike the Cartwheel which aims to do wheel rotation and land using the feet.

You can do the Cartwheel movement anywhere, including at home. Because to do this movement, you only need a room that is not too wide.

How to Do a Cartwheel at Home

  1. First you have to determine a safe place to do the Cartwheel movement.
  2.  Next, provide a small mattress or mattress as a base
  3. Determine the direction of rotation to do the cartwheel and pay attention to the surrounding area
  4. To do a Cartwheel, raise both arms up and point them in the direction while turning your body like a wheel while preparing to lift one leg and the other leg to hold.
  5. Make a circular motion to form a wheel
  6. When the body turns, prepare the feet to land and the body is perpendicular again as it was at the beginning of the movement.
  7. Don’t forget before doing Cartwheel, you have to be really prepared to avoid injury.

Cartwheel benefits

  • Help maintain a healthy body
  • Makes muscles strong
  • Bones become strong
  • Burn calories in the body
  • Body balance training


That is an explanation of the Cartwheel or wheeling movement in this article. Hopefully it can add to your knowledge and be useful for all of you.

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